A threatening letter from the Martinus Institute who has not yet provided even short English explanations of symbols no. 45-100

“We have become aware that you have published all Martinus symbols on your Facebook page. By doing so, you violate Martinus Institute’s copyright to Martinus’ symbols and explanations.

We have previously had correspondence with you about using Martinus’ symbols and we can see that copyright is difficult to understand. You may only publish works of art to which you have copyright. This applies regardless of whether it’s books, audio talks, movies, symbols or anything else. And regardless of the way you publish it. To put texts and symbols on a facebook or website is to publish the work, even though there are limitations on who can see the page.

You do not have copyrights for Martinus’ work. Therefore, do not publish Martinus’s work.

Martinus Institute has the copyright of the whole of Martinus’s work and therefore has the exclusive right to publish it.

Martinus Institute has provided all the symbols with explanation on their website just for others to link to them, so that you do not have to infringe the copyright of the Institute by publishing them.

We therefore ask you to remove the symbols and exolanations, and instead refer to the Martinus Institute’s website or link to it:

If you stop violating the copyright of the Institute, we do not need to involve our lawyer.

Yours sincerely
The Council of the Martinus Institute”

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