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    M: No. We will not. That is why I believe – we are not going to make legal proceedings. So we will not do that any way. Then we are not the final one.

    M: Yes, but it is … we can not … we can not act with litigation and such things. It’s not the way we should protect ourselves.

    M: The cause would have to come out in court cases and things.

    M: No … one must of course have … of course, it must be written what you have
    promised and what not promised etc. It must be written. But … Not this with litigation.

    M: No, it’s good to write down what you agree. Yes, yes, you have to. But it does not have to mean that there is a prosecution if not kept. We must abandon these prosecutions.

    M: It’s also something weird, to conduct litigation on spiritual things.

    Tage: If you have a contract, it’s only for securing prosecution against us, not for prosecution towards others.

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